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KleenBore Phosphor Bronze Brush - 12 Gauge

KleenBore Phosphor Bronze Brush - 12 Gauge

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 This precision designed phosphor bronze bore brush features rounded, smooth bristle tips. The straight, thicker wire bristles (rather than crimped) offer more effective cleaning power. This brush will not easily bend with force down the bore, and will not damage the grooved rifling. Constructed of aluminum and steel with phosphorous bronze bristles.

Gauge : 12 Gauge
Material:  Phosphor Bronze
Quantity:  1
MPN:  A186
UPC:  026249000663
Application:  Cleaning

• These precisely designed brushes feature KleenBore® carefully-made, thicker, straight bronze wire bristles
• Designed with rounded, smoother bristle tips rather than sharp, crimped, narrow imported brushes.
• These bronze brushes offer more safe and effective cleaning power
• Will not easily bend from force down the bore
• Will not damage precious rifling

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